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HipLake - Backlink checker that you can trust

We take care of all your backlink monitoring needs. All the data is presented to you in easy to read form for your convenience.

Save time and stay up to date

Our backlink checker performs over 50 checks in order to determine health of your links. HipLake will notify you if any of your links get removed or its quality will drop. You can get weekly summary reports and live time alerts right to your inbox. You dont need to tediously look through reports and waste your time anymore.

This is a major time saver for our Startup! We can efortlessly keep a track of our SEO campaigns while focusing on our own product. This is major time-saver!

@LisaW, Bristol

Access and share your data easily!

Access your account from computer, mobile or tablet - with panel that is fully responsive you dont need to worry about issues with checking your account when on the move.

Share your data without ever sharing your account details - use unique links to allow others to add links to your account or see reports!

From now on I require all SEO providers I work with to upload their backlinks through the panel. I saved tons of money on cutting down on unreliable providers that sell low quality links!

@JackT, San Francisco

Fully Automatic

Just paste your links and the system will perform all the tasks for you. Get all necessary information in easy to use admin panel. Group backlinks for easy access. Get notified by email if anything will go wrong. Be able to manage all your backlinks and make sure they are of the good quality.

I put all my links 3 weeks ago and forgot about it. Then today I got notification that one of them got removed. This link was from sponsored article I baught. I would not notice it myself - thanks to HipLake I could claim guarantee and get free replacement.

@AlexD, London

Work with your team and contractors

Create user accounts, multiple profiles and share all the data anonymously. Allow your contractors to add backlinks to your profile without them ever accessing your account with the help of custom one-time-use links.

Our whole agency is using just one account. Thanks to intuitive account management we do not need to share credentials. We can share notes within each link profile which is great for communication.

@JackT, San Francisco

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